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Call anywhere, anytime and save! POSA Tech provides a comprehensive set of long distance calling plans to meet all of your customers' needs, whether calling within the United States or internationally. Long distance provides the highest margins of the prepaid products, and product promotion is key to high sales volume. Stores quickly capitalize on this category with high growth and high margins. Additionally, POSA (point of sale activated) cards have no value until they are swiped at the terminal, which eliminates the risk of loss and theft at the store level.

“Clear Choice” POSA Phone Card

Two great rate plans on one card
Plan A – 1¢ per min with 34¢ connect fee
Plan B – 4.7¢ per min with NO connect fee
No weekly or monthly fees


“Clear Around the World” POSA Phone Card

No connection fees anywhere
No connection fees anywhere
Great rates to 300+ destinations worldwide
United Kingdom 169 min for $10
China 152 min for $!0
India 167 min for $5
Great rates to Africa


“Freedom Call” POSA Phone Card

4.9¢ per minute (USA)
25¢ weekly maintenance fee


“La Puerta a Mexico” POSA Phone Card

500 minutes to Mexico for $5
USA rate = 4.9¢ per min
No connection fees


“La Rana” POSA Phone Card

Mexico as low as 1.5¢ per minute
Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey: 500 min for $5
Columbia: 250 minutes for $5
Dominican Republic: 56 minutes for $5
Puerto Rico: 71 minutes for $5
Guatemala: 50 minutes for $5
Brazil: 167 minutes for $5


“Mexico Claro” POSA Phone Card

No Connection fees anywhere
Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara deliver 500 minutes for only $5
Most reliable Mexico network available
El Salvador 63 minutes for $5


“Star Penny” POSA Phone Card

1¢ per minute USA
Low 39¢ connection fee (USA)


TriStar” POSA Phone Card
This card solves several problems for both distributors and retail store management personnel by giving end users real choice on one calling card.  The card may be advertised in several different ways depending on your market environment.  Plan A will allow you to win posters wars, Plan B will satisfy customers in search of low connection fees and a good overall rate, while Plan C is for those who want a card completely free of all fees, taxes and surcharges.


Rate Plan A = 1¢/min, 49¢ connection fee, usage and other fees may apply. Domestic minutes: $5=451, $10=951, $20=1951.
Rate Plan B = 2.5¢/min, 25¢ connection fee, usage and other fees may apply. Domestic minutes: $5=190, $10=390, $20=790.
Rate Plan C = 4.9¢ / min, No connection fee, No usage fees, No hidden fees. Domestic minutes: $5=102 minutes, $10=204 minutes, $20=408 minutes
All calls are billed in 1 minute increments.